The Policy Memorandum should be written to the head of

  • The Policy Memorandum should be written to the head of a law enforcement or government agency advising them on a crime prevention or security issue.  The memorandum should be a minimum of three (3) pages and maximum of four (4) pages in length, single space, 12-point, Time New Roman font.
  • Policy Memorandums should be based on published sources (e.g., media or academic journal articles).  A list of the subject sources used for the Policy Memorandum should be a attached as a separate Endnotes page that is not part of the memo but allows the instructor to see the materials that formed the Policy Memorandum’s facts and arguments.  The Endnote page should list the sources in proper APA citation format.
  • You can choose your role in this assignment.  For example, as a consultant, you should argue for a specific policy/action even while weighing the choices.  On the other hand, an intelligence memo avoids taking a position but tried to present options or concerns without recommending a specific action.  Students will be evaluated with. rubric that includes presentation skills, organization, and in-depth knowledge of the presented content.

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