3 questions. Need 150 words for each question. No need


3 questions. Need 150 words for each question. No need of any references or citation. No Plagiarism. Due in 12 hours


Since the 1990s, when the U.S. back-sleeping recommendations were first released, the overall U.S. SIDS rate has dropped. However, African American and Native American babies are still significantly at higher risk. Based on the course materials about BOTH respiratory disease and maternal and child health, identify and describe two risk factors that would explain this increased risk for these populations (2 points) and then explain how each of the risk factors contributes to SIDS (2 points). (HINT – Think about environmental causes, rather than behavioral causes)


Describe one behavior in your OWN life where education and knowledge have NOT been enough to change your behavior, and briefly describe why knowing better hasn’t led to behavior change (2 pts). Then, suggest a non-education public health action (e.g. a policy, regulation, change in surroundings, etc) that you believe WOULD help to increase your likelihood of changing your behavior (2 points). (NOTE: If you don’t want to share personal information, you can use your imagination for your answer. Please just try to think through the question with something real in mind.)


Identify and describe a risk factor for maternal mortality in the U.S. that CANNOT be adequately addressed through patient education (1 pt). Then propose a non-education public health strategy (e.g. policy, regular, change in community surroundings, etc) that could help address this risk factor (1.5 pts), and explain how it would address that risk factor (1.5 pts).

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