3 postsRe: Topic 1 DQ 2 Health promotion is defined as

3 postsRe: Topic 1 DQ 2

Health promotion is defined as the act of educating the public about healthy lifestyles, which helps to reduce the risks, developmental needs, activities of daily living and preventive self-care (ANA, 2007). By utilizing available health promotion theories and models, nurses can positively affect patient outcomes by promoting behavioral changes to improve patient health and wellness (Whitney, 2018). Behavior change model, which involves progress through change stages. These stages include pre-contemplation; contemplation; preparation; action; maintenance; and termination (Amodio & Swencionis, 2018). The initial stage is pre-contemplation during which a person does not have any intention to take any action in the near future. The next stage is contemplation during which a person intends to initiate the healthy behavior in the near future. The third stage is preparation in which a person is ready to take the necessary action within a reasonable timeline. Here, the person starts taking small steps towards changing their behavior. During the fourth stage, action, a person will have recently changed his/her behavior and have the intention to maintain the good behavior going forward. The fifth stage is maintenance which simply involves a person sustaining his/her behavior change for a relatively long time and has the intention to maintain it going forward. The final stage is termination during which a person does not have the desire to return to his/her unhealthy behaviors. Here, the person is sure that he/she will not relapse. The barriers that affects the process is the patiens reddiness and the ability to learn.The barriers can be eliminated by early preparation of the patients and giving little information one at a time.


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