Two paragraphs and two references no more than 5 years.

Two paragraphs and two references no more than 5 years. no plagiarism

You found a nice systematic review article, which are considered a strong source of evidence (SOE). The authors do a great job addressing best hand hygiene practices among hospital-based nurses (Doronina et a., 2017). The conclusion informs us that while many strategies exist, there is a lack of solid evidence as to the best strategy. And thus, more research is needed.  It is always good practice to focus on systematic and meta-analysis articles (the highest level of evidence).  I like to think of systematic reviews (“evidence reports”) as appraising the best of evidence on a particular subject. A nice short cut through a forest of research. Another plus, the best practice changes are those having a solid scientific foundation (Dang & Dearholt, 2018, p. 97). 

You are absolutely correct in stating there are numerous ways to obtain information. Would you agree; however, that having a consistent, strategic and focused approach can lead to better returns? Approaching your search from an iterative perspective offers great value.  Can you share a bit more about your search strategy- search terms/phrases, data bases explored, scholarly access, etc.

I look forward to your thoughts.

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