How does Josephus begin his work, and how does this

How does Josephus begin his work, and how does this preface position him vis-a-vis Rome? What aspects of his religion or culture does he emphasize in this text? How might these be a response to Roman prejudices or views? Most importantly, how does he justify himself – a prominent member of a priestly family – becoming attached to the very imperial family that destroys Jerusalem? How does he explain this apparent betrayal of his people? What do you think he is trying to say or show to a primarily Greco-Roman audience? Consider especially the implications of his recording of the siege and destruction of Jerusalem. 


This should be 2 pages, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 size font. 

Read: Josephus, Jewish War 1.1-30 (pp 3-7); 2.117-187 (pp. 103-108) 5-7.162 (255-353) 

[ ––> If you can, read however much of Book 1, and Book 7 to the end]

Listen: In Our Time, Josephus

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