Choose a topic related to society that you would like


Choose a topic related to society that you would like to write about and explain why this topic is of interest to you. (You will use this topic throughout the course in 4 additional discussion posts. You will use discussion board feedback to edit, modify, and combine those discussion posts into a final paper that you will submit in Week 9. As you make your topic selection, please note that you will also be required to relate your topic to the field of sociology by connecting it to one of the following sociological perspectives in week 2: Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, Conflict, Feminism.)

Topic Examples:

Examples include topics related to major events going on in society, the career path that you are considering, or a social issue that you are familiar with such as:

· Healthcare disparities

· Mental Health

· Social Media

· Government and Sociology

· Housing Disparities

· Families and how they have changed over time.

· Educational Disparities or transformation over time.

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