Please write a seperate reply to each students post about

Please write a seperate reply to each students post about 100 words each…………….

POST #1:

“The problem that occurs is that individuals who do not meet the standards set forth by the cor[oration can be discriminated against. Such as in the article by L. Hurley, a U.S. top-court-backs Muslim woman denied a job over a headscarf (2015), where the young woman was discriminated against because she wore her hijab. I think that this is wrong, as I hope many others do as well, however these corporations are making money hand over fist with how they do business and I do not feel that they will change how they operate.

I do agree with the court’s ruling in the favor of these individuals discussed in the cases I reviewed. The reason that I agree is that it is discrimination, and our society has faced and will continue to face discrimination in the future without these worldwide corporations furthering the issues in this way, I believe that it needs to be these big money-making companies that should step forward and be the first to stop the inequality and be role models for other businesses to follow. There are many forms of discrimination that happen every day outside of a place of employment, then to have to face the place you work and be discriminated as well. This happens in the form of religion, disabilities, and body shape on a daily basis from the way the case describes these companies.

I do feel that it is discriminatory for these companies to exclude certain groups from buying their merchandise. I t is basically an unstated way to body shame individuals that do not fit in the ‘Exclusionary’ sizes that are provided by the company. The ABC News Story, Abercrombie and Fitch under fire ‘exclusionary’ tactics (2013), shows a great example of this when they show undercover video footage of individuals shopping for larger sizes in their retail stores and being informed that they only have sized double zero to ten in bottoms and no extra-large ‘exclusive’ look that the company is going for.

I read an article on, “Abercrombie sued by Former Employee, by LIAM BERKOWITZ, June 24, 2009, 10:12 Am .6 min. “She is suing her former employer in London, Abercrombie & Fitch (Links to an external site.), for discrimination, alleging that her manager at the company’s London flagship store moved her off the main floor because of her prosthetic arm. New Albany, Ohio-based Abercrombie & Fitch (Links to an external site.) released a statement refuting Dean’s story, noting that the company “is committed to providing a supportive and dignified environment for all of its employees.”Dean claims in an affidavit that the ordeal had such a severe emotional effect on her, and left her confidence and self-esteem so thoroughly shaken, that she felt stymied by her disability for the first time in her life.”My achievements and triumphs in life were brought right down to that moment where I realized that I was unacceptable to my employer because of how I looked,” Dean, who was born with no left forearm, said in the statement.”


POST #2:

“Hello class and professor,

     I know each corporation has its unique style and wants to represent that style. I do not agree with corporations that only hire people with a certain look, size, weight, or body shape. I think corporations need to be more lenient, diverse, and acceptable when it comes to hiring people. Like Abercrombie & Fitch, they only hire certain people to go with their intended look, but that gets them sued and ends up losing money in the end, although they can obviously afford it, it does not look good for their reputation. Personally, I will not shop at or support stores that have these discriminations against people. Discrimination is seen all over the world, this a day to day thing, especially in the United States. When people have to go to work or even go apply for a job, they should not be discriminated against just because they are different than other employees. In the U.S. Top Court Backs Muslim Woman Denied Job over Head Scarf article, it says “In an 8-1 decision in the important religious rights case, the court backed Samantha Elauf, who had been rejected under Abercrombie’s sales staff “look policy” after coming to her job interview wearing the head scarf, or hijab, used by many Muslim woman” (Hurley, L. 2015). People should be able to be themselves. Being clean and decently dressed is something everyone should expect, but also be able to express themselves as well, like the woman who wore her hijab. 

     The cases I reviewed sided with the person who was discriminated against. I do agree with the courts decision because no one should be discriminated against because of religious reasons, disability, or age and looks. Everyone is different and has different beliefs. This is our world and I think people need to start accepting our differences and accept people for who they are and not for who or what society, or in this case corporations, want them to be. 

     I think it is very wrong to exclude people from buying merchandise. It is people trying to express themselves the way they feel comfortable and also want the new styles. The video Abercrombie and Fitch Under Fire ‘Exclusionary’ Tactics, shows how they admittingly and openly refuse to sell their products to anyone that is in the sizes over 10 in pants and a large in shirts. They want the cool, attractive, skinny kids and adults to buy their merchandise and clothes, not the normal average weight and looks. Like the video said, “plus size shoppers make up 67% of consumers” (ABC news story, 2013), while Abercrombie and Fitch want skinny people for their clothes, if they do not start having bigger sizes for bigger people, they may end up going out of business in the future. Like I said before, I refuse to shop at stores that discriminate against anyone, and I refuse to buy my kids certain brands of clothing and other things as well. “

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