My response –    Based on my thoughts on slow and

 My response –   

Based on my thoughts on slow and deep reading, I would say that slow reading is the systematic reduction of one’s reading speed to improve comprehension or enjoyment. Slow reading has recently gained popularity due to the slow movement’s focus on decelerating modern life’s pace. The importance of slow and deep reading allows us to see how we are all linked to the world and our own stories as they grow.  We discover our plots and storylines unfolding in others’ language and speech as we read deeply.  However, slow and lingered reading may be caused by deficiencies or deficits in key cognitive processing areas, including processing sounds. Processing of visual knowledge. The things that make sense about these concepts are that slow reading increases one’s focus, decreases your stress levels, and enhances one’s capacity to think, hear, and empathize.

It can encourage, transfer, and change you with deep thinking, and it lasts much longer than light reading. The confusing part about these concepts is that an individual will properly understand the writer’s viewpoints if she reads slowly. Reading quickly increases your pace, though some books are difficult to comprehend when read quickly. Nevertheless, it seems that it does not matter whether you read quickly or slowly. It only depends on the book and the person.  So, one needs to go with the flow and have fun. The parts that seem practical to me are that slow and deep reading makes me think, feel, and teach me a lot about the history of the world and writing. I cannot use the parts with speed reading, saving time, but one does not gain enough knowledge. Reading deep and slowly positively impacts my coursework since it increases my thinking capacity and my knowledge levels grow.

Peers response –

 Describe your thoughts on slow and deep reading. Provide a brief summary of the information and explain your understanding of slow and deep reading. Reading about slow and deep reading I have gained some knowledge on how this can be an effective reading style that I can apply to both my school assigned reading or reading for enjoyment. My understanding of deep reading is emerging oneself into the text, making notes, asking questions analyzing, and retaining information. Slow reading Is a skill that can be learned, and its purpose is to comprehend an unfamiliar text or phrase rather than speed through the text and miss important information.

Explain what makes sense about these concepts and what is confusing. Quick reading or skimming through text can be difficult to absorb all important information and can cause many distractions; slow reading requires patience, and for the reader to slow down which can be a helpful way to retain info. but can also prevent someone from being engaged; active reading which constructs meaning from a text such as interpretations or understanding of the deeper more complex text would potentially be more helpful for slow reading. I understand how both concepts will work so there isn’t anything that is confusing to me.

Discuss which parts are practical for you and which parts you aren’t likely to use. Be sure to explain why.  I can say I find deep reading and falling into a flow by reading fast as practical depending on what it is that I am reading and it is only when I don’t understand a certain word or phrase that I slow down and reread the text to get a better idea of what the writer Is trying to explain. I won’t read at a slow from beginning to end which would cause me to lose interest and possibly get distracted with other things but I will be patient when reading and give myself time to make notes and to understand the text even if it’s something in not interested in.

Assess how well you feel you can read slowly and deeply and how these types of reading might impact your coursework. As I mentioned earlier, I can’t read an entire passage, article, novel at a slow pace it is hard for me to retain information that way. With deep reading I feel like I’m able to switch my pace when reading at any time, I will enhance my retention memory by making notes, asking questions, and making inferences.

  • Read the two different paragraphs above and compare my response to the peers response.
  • To the best of your ability, help your peers with the ideas they found challenging or the reasons they feel they might not use deep reading strategies. If you don’t feel deep reading is practical, explain why you feel that way and how you plan to make the most of your reading.
  • Your response should be at least 100 words each.

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