•Written assessments should be word-processed in Arial or Calibri Light


•Written assessments should be word-processed in Arial or Calibri Light font size 12. There should be double-spacing, and each page should be numbered.

•There should be a title page identifying the programme name, module title, assessment title, your student number, your marking tutor and the date of submission. 

•You should include a word-count at the end of the assessment (excluding references, figures, tables and appendices).

•Where a word limit is specified, the following penalty systems applies:

•Up to 10% over the specified word length = no penalty

•10 – 20% over the specified indicative word length = 5 marks subtracted (but if the assessment would normally gain a pass mark, then the final mark to be no lower than the pass mark for the assessment). 

•More than 20% over the indicative word length = if the assessment would normally gain a pass mark or more, then the final mark will be capped at the pass mark for the assessment.

•All written work should be referenced using the standard University of Bolton referencing style– see: https://www.bolton.ac.uk/library/Study-Skills/Referencing/Home.aspx 

Unless otherwise notified by your Module Tutor, electronic copies of assignments should be saved as word documents and uploaded into Turnitin via the Moodle class area. If you experience problems in uploading your work, then you must send an electronic copy of your assessment to your Module Tutor via email BEFORE the due date/time 


References: Level HE4

  •Minimum Secondary Research Source Requirements: 

Level HE4 – It is expected that the Reference List will contain between five and ten sources.   

use your research on this site, please


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