Need help with week 4 discussion Post by Teresa Brashear HelloClass When the financial crisis happened in 2008I was

Need help with week 4 discussion
Post by Teresa Brashear
When the financial crisis happened in 2008
I was 21 and did not know anything.
I honestly think I was in my own bubble and didnt notice anything at that time.
The Credit Crisis affected people in the car business.
I know a few people that worked during the Credit Crisis and some left the business had trouble putting food on the table because
no cars were being.
I work with a guy now that left the mortgage business during that time. He is also still impacted by the Credit Crisis. He didnt go into detail but he is still trying to get back where he was when all of that happened. I think there will always be a chance something similar happens. We cant be naive and think it will never happen again. I dont know if we are headed in that direction, I think people are scared we are because of the pandemic situation which could also be a hint about the future.

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