For the opportunity to earn extra credit you may choose to turn in the following assignment: 1. Watch a firstperson

For the opportunity to earn extra credit, you may choose to turn in the following assignment: 1. Watch a first-person account of someone who is talking about their personal experience with having a specific DSM-5 disorder (try Ted Talks or YouTube) a. It can be any diagnosis you’re curious to learn more about b. It must be someone talking about their own experience with a certain disorder, not talking about what it’s like having a friend/family member with that disorder c. The video should be at least 10 minutes long and it can’t be something that was already assigned on the syllabus 2. Write a brief reflection paper about what you watched. What did you learn? What do you want to know more about? What did or not did not surprise you? Formatting: Response papers should be at least one page (two pages maximum), double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font with typical 1-inch margins all around and submitted through a Word .doc or .docx document. This is a casual response paper so you don’t need to do formal APA format, although please do include some kind of citation/link to the video so that I can find it. The grading rubric is below: Criteria Total Possible Generally summarize/describe what the person talked about in the video 2 Describe anything that you found interesting and/or surprising about the video. Does this change how you think about the disorder? Why or why not? 4 General presentation (organization, spelling, grammar, etc.) 2 Total Score 8 The response paper is due via Blackboard by midnight on December 8th. Late papers will not receive any credit. Only one extra credit response paper will be accepted per student each semester.

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