Your project must be 710 pages. If you thoroughly understand the material so you can stick to key points you

Your project must be 7-10 pages. If you thoroughly understand the material so you can stick to key points, you will have no trouble keeping within the page limits. This does not include the title page or references. – Description of the background info on the subject, and what was known before the article you chose – must be well cited. 1-2 pages – a thorough description of the experiments and findings in the primary research article, making sure to also summarize the figures of the paper. 4-5 pages -summarize the news article that stimulated your interest, and discuss any differences in your perception of the scientific research after reading the research article compared to your perception when initially reading what was reported in the original news article. 1-2 pages -Understandability -References used for background info, and the reference of the primary research article you presented. In addition to including the information above, you are expected to demonstrate critical thinking abilities
Reference Format
u2028For these presentations, you are required to use at least three references. At least one of these must be a primary reference (research article from scientific journals). Secondary references can include textbooks, review articles, and peer-reviewed websites for background information. When using web sites, be sure you are using only reliable sources (no, Wikipedia is a jumping off point, but NOT a reliable source – verify anything you think you learned form Wikipedia with actual sources). Although there are many acceptable ways to include references, for your presentation and project this semester we will use AMA style. The references must be cited consecutively in the body of your presentation (with the exception of the primary reference), with the first reference cited numbered “1”. The references should then be listed in numerical order (in the order in which they appear in the body of your report) in the references section.
Link to paper being used:
**when discussing gene morphology be general

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