Part I Your Personal Ethics Case Please take a case out of your personal or business life that you can

Part I (Your Personal Ethics Case) Please take a case out of your personal or business life that you can share with the instructor:
1. Describe the
Ethical Challenge
or Dilemma
(5 points)
2. What did you decide at the time it occurred, which moral philosophy(ies) did you
mainly apply
and why?
– egoism, utilitarianism, deontology, relativist perspective, virtue ethics, justice.
(5 points)
3. After having almost completed this course, would you make the same decision again and which moral philosophy(ies) would you mainly apply
now? Or is it still the same and why?
(5 points)
4. In your opinion, what are the
two most important things
that you have learned in this course in order to make good ethical business decisions in the future and why?
(5 points)
Part II (Your Ethical Leadership) You have just been appointed to the CEO of a company. Business Ethics is a high priority for you and you want to do everything from your side to avoid any unethical or illegal conduct. Please reflect on the course and what you have learned.
5. Discuss
3 key elements
you would implement and focus on in order to achieve this and why?
(5 points)
6. How would you ensure that it is
(5 points)
Total: 30 points
You do
have to do any research.
You do
have to respond to other students.
Expected is about 2+ pages in a Word Document that you can upload.

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