Hello can anyone help with this paper Both questions need to be answered I have uploaded the text book and

Hello can anyone help with this paper,
Both questions need to be answered! I have uploaded the text book and lessons that my professor wants me to use
to answer the questions.
4-5 pages – 33 points – ? of the course grade APA format 12 in font, Times New Roman double spaced.
Utilizing the course concepts from Lesson # 6 – The Continuing Investigation and Lesson #7 – Locating Witnesses, and from the readings in the textbook on pages 103-116 and pages 61-64, discuss how you would approach the following hypothetical case scenario. Include in your discussion the following concepts:
Basic Leads
Background Investigation
Sources of Information
Neighborhood Canvass
Pleas for Public Cooperation
You are a detective assigned to the Homicide Unit of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office in Jersey City.
You have been assigned as Case Detective to investigate a homicide on the campus of
New Jersey City University.
On October 25, 2020 , at approximately 9:30 pm, the Jersey City Police Department received a 911 call to respond to
NJCU on the report of a deceased person discovered in a vehicle parked in Lot # 7, adjacent to the West Campus Village Dormitory. The victim, a female student resident of the dormitory, was found sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, apparently strangled to death. The following pieces of information emerged from the crime scene:
There were no signs of a break-in and the car door was unlocked with the driver’s side window open.
The victim’s purse was missing.
A flower was tucked behind her ear.
The rear tires were slashed.
The crime scene has already been processed with the Crime-Scene Follow-Up sketching, photography, evidence search and collection having been completed. Fingerprints were lifted from the vehicle door.
Blood and skin fragments were taken from
the victim’s fingernails. Evidence found at the scene is now in custody at the Prosecutor’s Office or has been sent to the New Jersey State Police Laboratory for analysis.
You are now directing the Continuing Investigation and are in the Critical Period (“The First 48”). Beginning with a Rational Theory of the Crime (based on the findings at the crime scene), and then developing Basic Leads, how would you proceed with this investigation?
Below is a map of the NJCU campus showing the crime scene: Location P4, Lot 7 , located between The West Campus Village Dormitory and Rt 440.
Utilizing the concepts from Lesson # 9 – Interviewing Witnesses, and Lesson # 10 – Interrogating Suspects, and the readings in the textbook on pages 134-138; 142-149
Explain both the similarities and differences between Interviewing
and Interrogation.

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