1 Complications of Cancer Class the paper due this week focuses on cancer and asks you to discuss complications

1) Complications of Cancer
Class the paper due this week focuses on cancer and asks you to discuss complications of cancer and the side effects of treatment. It is important that you differentiate between the two. Complications are caused by the cancer and not related to medication or treatment. Side effects are a result of treatment. To earn credit for one substantial reply, provide an example of a general complication caused by cancer and discuss the pathophysiology why it occurs. I do not want an essay on cancer. To earn credit provide only the information requested and share your source. Hint our pathophysiology text should be used to answer this question and complete your paper not the American Cancer Society. We introduce the ACS site as a source you would share with your patients.
common complication of Cancer
pathophysiology (why It occurs)

scholarly source designed for health care professionals
2) Our readings discuss that cancer has modifiable (behavior, social, environment) and unmodifiable risk factors (genetic, age, gender). In your paper you will need to include both modifiable and non modifiable factors.
Research a type of cancer and share two causes of the cancer,state if they are modifiable or non modifiable
Please do not post “smoking causes lung cancer”, do research and learn something beyond what the consumer knows. If you want to cover lung cancer research which types of lung cancer are related to smoking. This will be a great thread to get ideas for the paper.
of Cancer
of the type of cancer
of the cancer
Optional CAT #3 interventions for side effects caused by Cancer treatment
Class there are several types of treatments from cancer including surgery, radiation, various chemotherapies, immune therapy. Each has side effects, some for which the patient can apply interventions and some which require nursing or medical interventions. Choose a treatment for cancer, list one major complication and provide two nursing or medical interventions to prevent, lesson
or treat the side effect. Use the table below to earn credit.
Your source should be a pathophysiology text, med surg text or other source designed for health care professionals.
Cancer Treatment
Side Effect of Treatment
Nursing/ medical intervention to prevent or treat it.


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