Research Paper This research paper should be approximately 2500 words not including the bibliography or footnotes Chicago manual of Style

Research Paper
This research paper should be approximately 2500 words (not including the bibliography or footnotes)
Chicago manual of Style is to be followed for citations:
(Links to an external site.)
Include a bibliography at the end of your paper
Pick a non-US film from the period 1960-present.
You may write a comparative paper if you so wish, but please do not write about more than 2 films.
You must use at least 5-6 sources you have found during research. All 5/6 sources may be secondary, but if you want to include primary sources, limit these to 2, with the others being scholarly, secondary sources rather than popular sources (check with your TA if you are unsure which is which)
The choice of film is yours, you may use a film from the syllabus, or from off the syllabus, but you must have access to the film (so you can watch it repeatedly in order to write your paper)
Write a research based paper in which you critically analyze and discuss the film through a historical framework. Also read: Film & Theater studies. When thinking about which kind of framework or focus you want to take, consider some of these potential avenues:
How concepts of authorship or film style were affected by the political environment in which the film was made e.g. under fascism, post-colonialism…
The role the government played in constricting or liberating film production, for example, through legislation or subsidies and other financial support.
Other cultural or social issues that the film/s may address directly, such as youth culture, feminism, immigration, violence, etc. These issues must be historically situated within a specific national context (in other words, think about why are your issue is important, or being debated in the time and place the film is being made?) This information will help you analyze your film, by providing historical context for your analysis.
Try to identify a question you want to answer through writing the paper. You can make this question the title of your paper. Answering this question will result in your thesis.
Show your research in your writing – include information from primary sources you have used, and cite/quote what other film scholars have written about your chosen topic. However, remember to keep the thesis original and your own.
Use your chosen film to support your argument and discuss your topic. There should be a good balance between presenting your research, and analyzing the film/s.
Once you’ve written your paper, read it out loud. You can improve flow by checking your writing this way.
Research Paper Outline & Annotated Bibliography
Write roughly 200-250 words outlining the chosen topic for your research paper.
Gather and organize an annotated bibliography that will help you write your research paper that includes 5-6 sources.
Be aware that the most helpful sources may not be directly about your chosen film, but might instead speak more broadly to your chosen topic. For example, the national film industry you are looking at, or what is going on politically and socially in the nation you are focusing on at the time your chosen film was made. It is advisable to find a mix of sources – some of which are broad in scope (to give you historical/political/cultural, or social context) as well as those which are about your specific film/s.
All 5/6 can be secondary scholarly sources (books, book chapters, articles in peer-reviewed journals), or, if you chose, you may include 2 primary sources and 3/4 secondary sources.
If you want to use a popular source, please only use one.
Here is a guide to help you distinguish between types of sources:
Please use Chicago Manual of Style
The development of major world religions(Links to an external site.)
Each of your annotations should include roughly the following:
A brief description of the content/author’s argument
How helpful or relevant do you believe the source is for your paper? (Will it shape a major part of your paper or only part? What part of your paper will it help most with?)
Who is the author – where do they work/teach – what is their area of expertise?

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