For this question you will identify a topic of interest to your professional practicesee attachment article. Select a problem or

For this question, you will identify a topic of interest to your professional practice(see attachment article). Select a problem or issue in your workplace or future field which you have some interest in solving or improving. For example, perhaps you are an elementary teacher with an interest in improving student engagement.
Then, search the library databases for educational research articles. Find two research reports that address your topic and problem. The research reports must be from the last five years, and must be peer-reviewed, original research articles from a journal. Use the template, located in the attachments; it will provide more detailed information that will help you organize this question.
Submission Requirements
Format: Use APA style and formatting, include a title page and reference page.
Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Length: 3–4 double-spaced pages, excluding title and reference pages.
References: Two peer-reviewed journal articles.

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