First read How to Write a Summary Links to an external site.and Summary: Using it WiselyLinks to an external site.

First, read How to Write a Summary
(Links to an external site.)and Summary: Using it Wisely
(Links to an external site.)
Next, complete the Summary Writing Assignment.
For this assignment, write a well developed one-paragraph summary of the essay entitled:
(Links to an external site.)
Gun Debate: Where is the Middle Ground? by Mallory Simon, CNN
(Links to an external site.)
Your summary should clearly and accurately convey the most important elements of Simons article. This will require you to read the article closely and decide what those important elements are. Paraphrase Simons thesis (or main idea). Mention the title and author of the article early in your summary.
Your summary should NOT:
use 1st person I or 2nd person you/your. Stick to 3rd person.
contain excessive detail (this defeats the purpose of summary) or exceed the length requirement of 1-2 substantive paragraphs
contain your personal opinion or any opinion on the subject matter. Focus on summarizing what is in the article itself.
Due Date
Sunday, November 15th by 11:59 PM
Required Length
1-2 substantive paragraphs. A substantive paragraph is defined as 5-8 meaningful sentences in length including a topic sentence (see this resource
(Links to an external site.)) and supporting sentences.
Required Format
APA format is required, including a title page and page numbers formatted correctly in APA style. An abstract page is not required. See the following resources on APA:
A sample student essay in APA style (see the APA 7 Student Paper) example):
(Links to an external site.)
Purdue Online Writing Labs comprehensive guide to APA style:
(Links to an external site.)
Type, save, and upload your essay as a Microsoft word document. Save in a file format that can easily be opened in Word such as DOC, PDF, or RTF. Additional requirements:
12-point Times New Roman font
1-inch margins
Late Work Policy
No late work is accepted in our course.
Late is defined as 1 second past the posted due date and time.
If your assignment cannot be easily opened in Microsoft Word, it is considered late. DOC, PDF, and RTF file formats are accepted. Dont submit assignments in Pages or links to Google Docs.
Insufficient Work Policy
A minimum penalty of 10
% will be applied for every page under the required page length. A minimum penalty of 10
% will be applied in cases where text does not run to the bottom of the page.
Excused Absence Policy
Extensions on late assignments can only be provided in the following specific cases:
United States Military assignments
Death of an immediate family member
Documented personal illness

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