Describe the relationships between Folklrico dance and Ritual. What do you understand this relationship to be Usethe viewings to support

Describe the relationship(s) between Folklórico dance and Ritual. What do you understand this relationship to be? Use
the viewings to support your ideas. You can also refer to your discussion board post.
Next, describe one of the dances from the module. What does it look like? What is happening in the dancers’ bodies? Which body parts are most active? Which body parts are not? How do they use gravity, weight, and lightness? What is their relation to the space? How do dancers relate to one another and to others around? Where does the dance take place? When was it? Who is dancing? Who is not dancing? Describe the music, lighting and set. How many dancers? Are there musicians? Any other performance roles?
Lastly, discuss El Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. What is it, as you understand it? How is the folklórico dance you described above involved in the ritual of el día de los Muertos/the day of the dead? Use the viewings to support your thoughts.
Use these prompts as a guide for writing your paper. Allow your responses to develop with evidence from your readings, viewings, and movement experience. I am looking for your ability to clearly articulate your ideas with supporting movement descriptions and textual support.
Your paper should be submitted in paragraph form, 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 1inch margins, in 12pt Times New Roman. Please include a title and citations for the videos and/or texts that you discuss.
Reflection Paper Checklist:
Your name, instructor name, class, and date
A Title for your paper
Your 2-3-page essay in paragraph form with in-text citations.
Note: Please see the rubric provided with this assignment to guide your writing.

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