Task Introduction : The BrainTargeted Teaching Model focuses on positive emotional and physical learning environments the development of big picture

Task Introduction :
The Brain-Targeted Teaching Model focuses on positive emotional and physical learning
environments, the development of “big picture” concepts, the mastery of skills and process,
the “real world” application of learning, and the continual evaluation of student learning.
Integral to the application of the model is the integration of the arts to foster concept development and higher-order thinking.
Reflect on the Brain-Targeted Teaching opportunities you have experienced and observed that
have prepared you to become a successful global education leader.
Guiding Questions You should consider the following guiding questions to complete this task:
What types of opportunities have you had to apply the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model? See video
What ideas do you have to incorporate Brain-Targeted Teaching in your area of
Early Childhood
Personal experience?Had a puppet show for kindergarten children.combine the btt model with my personal experience?see video?

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